18 October 2010

These two articles, YES! Magazine's "Community Transaction Lawyers" and The Economist's "Green, Broke and Connected" make me want to be even more collaborative in my consumption and sharing.  I'm already saving money, reducing my carbon footprint, and connecting to my community and I love it.  Can I do more?

I'm a member of Neighborgoods and Zipcar (for when I travel to other cities); I use Freecycle to collect jars for my business and to give away things I don't need any more;  I'm friends with the founders of Couchsurfing;  I just posted several books up on Swap.com; I host and attend clothing exchanges every few months; I support microloans with Kiva; and my friends have access to the country house they helped me and my partner build with their sweat equity. I've set up an account with my local Timebank to trade hours but it's not quite up to speed yet, unfortunately. I'm even trying to convince RelayRides to start a San Francisco chapter so I can make money sharing my car.

But when I see the list of collaborative transactions that already exist, it makes me want to do even more. Bartering! Community gardens! Crowdfunding! Cohousing and intentional communities (ok, not really--that might be too hippy for me). I hope more people discover the benefits of sharing and enough smart lawyers get interested in all this to help us do it in a fair and human way.