18 June 2012

Annie Leonard won't leave me alone

She's everywhere!
I’ve never met Annie Leonard but sometimes I feel like she’s looking over my shoulder, analyzing my problems better than I am, and then making a brilliant video explaining it all to the rest of the world. I don’t mean to sound self-centered or anything, but The Story of Stuff came out when I was having an existential crisis about all the crap my downstairs neighbor was buying and stuffing into the shared garage. And when my brother bought me the SodaStream because I just no longer could justify buying San Pellegrino every week – yup, the Story of Bottled Water showed up*. So now she’s working on a new video, and if you looked through my tweets of the last month, read my old Gandhi email signature, and listened in on my conversations with friends and work acquaintances, you’d totally know what it was about. Thanks, Annie, for coming up with the Story of Change. Can't wait to see it. And quit stalking me, will you?

*To be fair, San Pellegrino uses glass bottles, and my grandmother loved the stuff, so it's a genetic weakness, I swear.