11 June 2012

Self-Directed Learning

Blake Boles of Better Than College has a great 5 minute video discussing how you could educate yourself in a year with $20,000 (or less) other than by going to college. He basically lays out an alternative path towards entrepreneurship and self-employment (for example) that includes reading, travel, one-on-one coaching/counseling/tutoring, low-cost and free online courses and videos, and more.

I love this. I think this is basically what I have not-completely-consciously been doing for the past 1-2 years: investigating a business idea, learning how to start, finance, and run a business by reading and following others, finding role models, creating my own business networks, and just generally educating myself with free resources (online and offline) as I explore my strengths, skills, and values.

Boles has positioned himself as an author and guidance counselor to teens who don't want to go the college route. To that end, he assigns "adventures" or goals, and helps them achieve them. The list he has on his site is inspiring me to think tangibly about my next goals.

Right now, I feel like I'm on the verge of constructing a collaborative consumption professional life for myself, with part-time (20-30 hrs/wk) work in a 3-year-old collcons company, and potential writing or consultancy with local food businesses and other collcons groups. I don't know if it's going to happen, but I would very much like it to, and I'd love to present at more conferences and talks. I will name it to manifest it. :)