22 April 2016

Keynote at JAX conference in Mainz, Germany

credit @JAXcon

I was invited to do a keynote presentation at JAX conference in Mainz, Germany, to an audience of enterprise software developers on 19 April 2016, and this is what they had to say about it:

The Future Belongs to Bitcoin and/or Blockchain

Caterina Rindi, a consultant and multilingual speaker, took the floor and talked about how blockchain can and will be part of the future through projects from different industries, including lottery, energy and Internet of Things. She addressed the most sensitive issues of Bitcoin and opined that the identity of this cryptocurrency’s founder is not relevant anymore because Bitcoin has been created “for the people.” Bitcoin and blockchain —not necessarily taken together— are threatening traditional institutions, but Ms Rindi is convinced that this digital currency “or a variation of it will be in our future."

JAXenter and S&S Media Group ran a great event and it was a pleasure to work with all the organizers and team. Hope to join them again in the future!

credit @JAXcon

Watch the video here: